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    President’s Corner: Logistics Value Chain Management

    Do you have the desire to work with cutting-edge technology in an environment of constant improvement, visibility, and unmatched success?

    The future of value chain management starts now – it will disrupt the industry and generate empowerment by offering new integrated solutions in one digital platform while also providing unmatched transparency and speed of execution.

    Welcome to Logistics Value Chain Management using proven B2C Technology concepts that have become an integral part of our daily lives. The e2log digital platform helps companies in a B2B world to smoothly orchestrate their end to end logistics process all in one place: Plan – Procure – Execute – Pay – Analyze

    e2log has seamlessly integrated the procurement of Logistics services with planning, communications, and execution across any type of cargo movements and modes of transportation. Operations, Projects, and Manufacturing can now view their inventory across all facilities and third-party locations across the globe, in one integrated digital platform. In today’s world e2log is a quantum leap forward, replacing multiple inefficient and homegrown software solutions – not to mention the costly, static, and cumbersome ERPs burdening herds of IT colleagues and swarms of consultants. The future has arrived, and lengthy, costly implementations of TMS solutions belong to the past. For the first time, Logistics and Transportation professionals have the chance to orchestrate end-to-end activities spanning the entire movement of freight (incl. customs clearance) in one single digital platform!

    How will it feel to generate never-before-seen benefits for your company with state-of-the-art technology, data, and processes seamlessly connected in a cloud-based platform?

    Marco Boos, President