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    President’s Corner: Quickly Transforming Supply Chains through Digitized Logistics

    These are not the only benefits e2log will provide you. Curious what else we have in the pipeline to offer you?

    Our Customers typically save 20-25% in logistics costs, experience a 30-40% improvement in process efficiency, and see a 30-40% improvement in service provider performance.

    The benefits don’t stop there – we go on to make an impact on the broader enterprise by changing procurement behaviors, helping companies to reduce inventory levels and reducing General & Administrative costs, delivering an overall ROI in the range of 500 to 800%.

    In a market with a trillion-dollar addressable spend, we are giving every company the opportunity to move away from manual processes and clunky home-grown applications, to DIGITIZE AND TRANSFORM their Logistics, at no implementation cost and with no lengthy integrations.

    e2log is revolutionizing logistics and positively impacting bottom lines, ALL in one single digital platform! If you want to move forward, generate returns in less than 3-months after implementation, take a quantum step forward into the digitized world without turning your operations and IT department up-side-down, and you’re looking for an unmatched user experience and ease of execution, then it is time to jump to action and get in touch with us at e2log.

    Marco Boos, President