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    President’s Corner: What a Supply Chain Looks Like When it’s Digitized

    How will it feel to generate never-before-seen benefits for your company with state-of-the-art technology, data, and processes seamlessly connected in a cloud-based platform?

    No company has offered a sustainable solution or solved this problem the way e2log has.

    Transportation management and general procurement systems are distant competitors focused on subsets of the whole problem. e2log is the first to focus on dealing with the complexity of multi-service provider logistics planning, procurement and execution across multiple locations. Our solution brings Data, Process, and System in harmony so you can focus on what’s most important – Planning, execution and strategy!

    For the first time, Logistics personnel can effortlessly build consolidations, orchestrate and track complex cross-border and multi-modal shipments involving multiple logistics providers via mobile phone or tablet – emails, spread-sheets, jumping around in different systems and phones calls are a thing of the past.

    Logistics providers can submit change orders for any unforeseen logistics costs, as well as submit their invoices online. Invoices get auto-reconciled vis-à-vis approved charges – when approved they are pushed through to Accounts Payable for disbursement. No more Cargo Owners and Logistics Providers haggling over invoice payments and no need for Invoice Audit companies for an extra cost. A dollar saved is a Dollar in retained cash positively impacting your bottom line!

    These are not the only benefits e2log will provide you. Curious what else we have in the pipeline to offer you?

    Marco Boos, President