• Informative RFQs facilitate accurate bids from LSPs
  • RFQ distribution to Preferred LSPs or Marketplace
  • Multiple bids from each LSP for a single RFQ
  • Multiple modes of transport for a single RFQ
  • Ability to edit a released RFQ
  • Reverse-auction platform delivers optimal solution
  • Slick bid comparison tools
  • Supports Audit requirements
  • Communication boards at shipment level, replace emails and offline communications
  • Tracking at shipment/package and activity/sub-activity level
  • Agile ETAs enable better operation scheduling
  • Shipment notifications and tracking updates
  • Online document repository
  • 24/7 Control Tower provides Concierge Service

Key Features

    • Well Structured Request for Quote (RFQ) Module

    Well structured RFQ module helps Shippers provide pertinent cargo information to Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), enabling comprehensive and accurate bids from LSPs

    • RFQ Distribution to Preferred LSPs or Marketplace

    Shippers distribute RFQs to their preferred LSPs or open marketplace, discovering optimal solutions for their shipping needs

    • Activity Level RFQ Response Module with Costs and Timelines

    LSPs can easily build RFQ responses at an activity level, capturing costs and timelines for execution

    • Powerful Reverse Auction Platform

    Powerful reverse auction platform creates a level playing field for LSPs and delivers unprecedented time and cost savings

    • Customized Logistics Solutions

    Efficient quote evaluation tools help Shippers customize logistics solutions

    • Real Time Tracking

    Shipment and package level tracking at an activity and sub-activity level, delivering unprecedented shipment visibility

    • Activity Level Document Repository

    Using smart phone enabled functionality, LSPs upload documents online after completion of each activity


  • Access to new Shippers/Customers
  • Well structured and comprehensive RFQs from Shippers
  • Easy to use tools reduce man-hours spent on RFQ responses
  • No time or effort expended on budgetary RFQs
  • Facilitates innovative solutions and differentiation
  • Transparent process maintains LSP anonymity through bidding process
  • Reverse-auction platform enables smart bidding
  • Shipment/package level tracking with automated updates to Shippers
  • Easy upload of documents at activity level

Services Offered

  • Cargo Assessment and Packing
    • Assessment of cargoes at Shipper’s facility, to enable capture of pertinent cargo details, to facilitate well structured and comprehensive RFQ build
    • Packing of cargoes at Shipper’s facility for safe international transit. Preparation of Invoice & Packing List to facilitate international shipping
  • Loading and Transportation Door to Door and Door to Port
    • Loading of oversize cargoes at Shipper’s facility and transportation to load port
    • Completion of terminal and port handling formalities and procedures at discharge port
    • Multi-modal international transportation of oversize cargoes
    • Activity level document repository, with easy upload of documents via desktop and smart phone enabled applications
    • Loading of cargoes onto trucks at the port of discharge and transportation to final destination
    • Off-loading of cargoes at destination
    • Handling of Customs clearance formalities at load & DISCHARGE port