Oversize Cargoes

Cargoes that do not fit into standard airline pallets or shipping containers

I am a Shipper

Companies that ship oversize cargoes across the globe. Includes companies from industry segments such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining and Construction

I am an LSP

Logistics Service Providers that handle activities related to the shipping of oversize cargoes. Includes packers, transporters, cargo handlers, freight forwarders and Customs brokers


10-20% Cost Saving

Robust Request For Quote (RFQ) process and powerful reverse auction platform which delivers significant cost savings

15-20% Process Efficiency

Slick and easy to use online tools which improve process efficiency and reduces man hours


Transparent RFQ process and Logistics Service Provider selection

Door to Door Shipment Visibility

Shipment and package level tracking at activity and sub-activity level

Online Document Repository

Activity level document repository, with easy upload of documents via desktop and smart phone enabled applications


  • Well Structured Request for Quote (RFQ) Module

Well structured RFQ module helps Shippers provide pertinent cargo information to Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), enabling comprehensive and accurate bids from LSPs

  • RFQ Distribution to Preferred LSPs or Marketplace

Shippers distribute RFQs to their preferred LSPs or open marketplace, discovering optimal solutions for their shipping needs

  • Activity Level RFQ Response Module with Costs and Timelines

LSPs can easily build RFQ responses at an activity level, capturing costs and timelines for execution

  • Powerful Reverse Auction Platform

Powerful reverse auction platform creates a level playing field for LSPs and delivers unprecedented time and cost savings

  • Customized Logistics Solutions

Efficient quote evaluation tools help Shippers customize logistics solutions

  • Real Time Tracking

Shipment and package level tracking at an activity and sub-activity level, delivering unprecedented shipment visibility

  • Activity Level Document Repository

Using smart phone enabled functionality, LSPs upload documents online after completion of each activity


Cargo Assessment

Assessment of cargoes at Shipper’s facility, to enable capture of pertinent cargo details, to facilitate well structured and comprehensive RFQ build

Packing / Packing List Preparation

Packing of cargoes at Shipper’s facility for safe international transit. Preparation of Invoice & Packing List to facilitate international shipping

Loading / Transportation (to Load Port)

Loading of oversize cargoes at Shipper’s facility and transportation to load port

Customs Clearance (Load Port)

Handling of Customs clearance formalities at load port

Terminal / Port Handling (Load Port)

Activity level document repository, with easy upload of documents via desktop and smart phone enabled applications

International Transportation

Multi-modal international transportation of oversize cargoes

Terminal / Port Handling (Discharge Port)

Completion of terminal and port handling formalities and procedures at discharge port

Customs Clearance (Discharge Port)

Handling of Customs clearance formalities at discharge port

Loading / Transportation (to Destination)

Loading of cargoes onto trucks at the port of discharge and transportation to final destination

Off-loading at Destination Location

Off-loading of cargoes at destination


  • Informative RFQs facilitate accurate bids from LSPs
  • RFQ distribution to Preferred LSPs or Marketplace
  • Multiple bids from each LSP for a single RFQ
  • Multiple modes of transport for a single RFQ
  • Ability to edit a released RFQ
  • Reverse-auction platform delivers optimal solution
  • Slick bid comparison tools
  • Supports Audit requirements
  • Communication boards at shipment level, replace emails and offline communications
  • Tracking at shipment/package and activity/sub-activity level
  • Agile ETAs enable better operation scheduling
  • Shipment notifications and tracking updates
  • Online document repository
  • 24/7 Control Tower provides Concierge Service


  • Access to new Shippers/Customers
  • Well structured and comprehensive RFQs from Shippers
  • Easy to use tools reduce man-hours spent on RFQ responses
  • No time or effort expended on budgetary RFQs
  • Facilitates innovative solutions and differentiation
  • Transparent process maintains LSP anonymity through bidding process
  • Reverse-auction platform enables smart bidding
  • Shipment/package level tracking with automated updates to Shippers
  • Easy upload of documents at activity level