Digital Control Tower


Integrated logistics management system for increased efficiency and productivity.

For logistics teams who need to increase visibility, improve service provider and sustainability performance, enable better planning, decision-making and proactive event management, underpinned by analytics you can trust.


How it Works


  • Digital Twin of Planning systems
  • Digital Twin of ERPs – Orders
  • Digital Twin of WMSs – Inventory


  • Single order update
  • Bulk order update

Shipment Building

  • Release to pack
  • Package Builder
  • Shipment Builder

Freight Booking

  • Logistics Requests – Manual
  • Logistics Requests – Autonomous
  • Defined workscope for each shipment
  • Document upload
  • Single shipment split between multiple logistics service providers
  • Rate contracts upload and usage
  • Preferred marketplace for spot rates
  • Simple and detailed quotes
  • Reverse auctions for competitive bidding
  • Shipment solution simulator
  • Auto match of solution vs. required at site date
  • Projected completion of each milestone
  • All types of cargo
  • All modes of transport
  • Part and full air and ocean charters
  • International and domestic shipments, anywhere in the world
  • Approval workflows
  • Advanced rules engine
  • Control Tower user grouping

Tracking and Execution

  • Door to door tracking of shipments via all modes of transport
  • Consolidated tracking at enterprise/country/control tower/project level
  • Tracking at order level
  • Track contents of each shipment
  • Communication hub
  • Push notifications
  • Shipment document repository
  • Document version control
  • Digitally secure documents
  • Shipment delayed notifications
  • Revised ETA projections
  • Dispatch and mobile app for truckers
  • QR code based 2 party proof of delivery
  • Mobile app tracking
  • Location services based tracking of trucks
  • Vessel tracking
  • Container tracking
  • Rating of Logistics Service Provider performance per shipment
  • Control Tower team configuration


  • Change orders for deviation in workscope
  • Change orders for detention, demurrage and statutory charges
  • Logistics Service Provider upload of freight invoices + supportings
  • Digital audit of freight invoices
  • Tracking of invoice payment status
  • Tracking of invoice due date
  • Communication hub for AP and AR teams

Data Command Center

  • Executive dashboards
  • Operations dashboards
  • Logistics Service Provider dashboards
  • Supplier performance evaluation tools
  • Purchase/Sales order analysis
  • Freight booking analytics
  • Logistics operations analytics
  • Logistics Service Provider performance
  • Control Tower performance analytics
  • Change Order analytics
  • Freight invoice analytics
  • Cost and savings analytics
  • Carbon emissions reporting
  • Customized reporting and dashboards

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