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e2log Platform

What is e2log?

e2log is a cloud-based logistics orchestration platform that provides true door-to-door supply chain management, cost reduction, advanced analytics, and unified communications for all types of cargo (from general to oversize cargo), via all modes of transportation, anywhere on the planet.

Is e2log a real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP)?

e2log provides users with real-time visibility across the entire supply chain – and excels at global visibility – but it goes beyond just RTTVP, enabling you to collaborate with your entire supply chain network, build a private marketplace of providers to reduce costs, reduce emissions, and unify your data.

Is e2log a Transportation Management System (TMS)?

e2log goes beyond TMS.

Our platform supports the full spectrum of logistics activities – including those that most transportation management systems leave behind – such as cargo assessment, packing, first- and last-mile transportation, port handling, customs clearance, international transit.

Additionally, we have helped our customers unlock tremendous value through obtaining dramatically reduced pricing, centralizing communications, streamlining collaboration, and understanding end-to-end carbon emissions.

My freight forwarders already have tracking systems. Why do I need e2log?

Like most organizations with complex logistics needs, you probably work with many logistics providers – each with their own systems and technology – which often leads to your teams needing to contend with multiple systems, tools, spreadsheets, and modes of communication.

e2log eliminates all of that chaos, and enables you to orchestrate your global logistics on one platform.

Your data is enriched and complemented with additional visibility and context information, providing a richer experience than you would typically get from logistics provider systems – or even the leading real-time transportation visibility platforms (RTTVPs).

Does e2log handle all types of cargo?


From standard shipping containers to out-of-gauge cargo and everything in between, e2log provides the same opportunity to orchestrate your shipments’ journey, track its progress, collaborate with providers, reduce costs, and lower carbon emissions regardless of the type of cargo.

Does e2log handle all modes of transportation?


20′ GP container on a New Panamax in the middle of the Pacific? MD-11 on final approach to ANC? Flatbed freight truck on the Carretera Austral in Chile? Freight rail just outside of Chiang Mai? Sea, air, road, and rail: e2log enables logistics orchestration regardless of how your shipment is moving at any given time.

Can I execute international as well as domestic shipments on e2log?


One of the essential differentiators of the e2log platform is its ability to handle international as well as domestic shipments anywhere in the world.

Implementation and deployment

How long does it take to implement e2log?

The exact time it takes to implement e2log varies depending on how complex your needs are, but typically, clients with complex needs across international networks are up and running in as little as 2-4 weeks, without having to devote valuable internal time and resources.

Do I need a large number of IT resources to integrate with e2log?

No, and while our integration platform is very simple and straightforward – designed to allow the most complex ecosystems to be woven together easily using standard formats like EDI, API, XML, CSV, and even Excel – you can get started using the platform without requiring any integrations at all.

Does e2log support EDI/API?

Yes, e2log supports integration via EDI and API, as well as a range of other formats including XML, CSV, and even Excel files.

Not only that, we can also connect with proprietary systems and formats developed by your organization or LSPs as well.

Can e2log be integrated with my ERP and Warehouse Management Systems?

Yes, very easily – with multiple options available for marrying your legacy (and even proprietary) systems together.

Can e2log be integrated with my logistics provider's systems?

Yes, we can integrate with logistics providers via a range of formats (API, EDI, CSV, XML, Excel, and more).

I work with logistics providers that have low or no tech capabilities.

A seamless global supply chain operation is often only as strong as its weakest link. e2log eliminates the gaps otherwise caused by your lowest-tech partners – no matter where they are in the world – by enabling your low- or no-tech partners to access the e2log interface via any internet-capable device to provide updates and access crucial information.

How is e2log priced?

Answering a few simple questions (such as your annual freight spend, shipment volume, and number of LSPs) can help us quickly provide easy-to-understand pricing.

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e2log and your logistics network

Can I use multiple logistics providers on the platform?


In fact, engaging with multiple logistics providers yields the best results by contributing to a strong, resilient, and flexible supply chain network.

e2log allows you to collaborate with multiple logistics providers across the globe even within any single given order or shipment, meaning you can now orchestrate a single shipment moving between multiple logistics providers easily and in one place, picking and combining the best providers for a shipment.

Can I use my own logistics providers or do I have to use only the ones on the platform?


While we already have dozens of the world’s top logistics providers operating on our platform (over 60% of the top 25 global freight forwarders), e2log enables you to build your own private preferred marketplace. We encourage all customers to bring their own logistics providers into our ecosystem.

Can I communicate with logistics providers and my internal teams via e2log?


e2log eliminates the needs for your team and logistics providers to communicate via email, WhatsApp, text, and more – bringing all parties together in one place, with full access to the communication chains they need to participate in at any given time.

We use control towers – can e2log support that?

Yes – many of our customers use control towers for the increased process efficiency and reduced operating expenses they unlock.

We designed e2log to allow logical segmentation of who’s handling what and empower users to coordinate effort group by group. As a result, e2log is very well-suited for leveraging control towers, and can allow control tower optimization, provide the ability to execute separate shipments accurately and easily, and enable seamless coordination between multiple teams across your organization.


Can I use contract rates?

Yes – any and all of your existing or future contract rates can be easily uploaded into e2log, and used interchangeably with spot rates (see below).

Can I obtain spot rates?


We’ve created a very easy way to obtain spot rates in just a few hours – no more trying to quote a shipment two weeks out – giving you a new way to see what the market can offer you by communicating with a multitude of different logistics providers in a single view.

By using spot rates, a number of customers have achieved immediate savings of up to 20%, even against their existing negotiated contract rates.

While half of our customers have now transitioned to working entirely by spot rates, spot rates can also be used interchangeably with your existing and future contract rates for maximum flexibility.

Can I see my shipments' carbon footprint?


According to a recent CDP study, supply chain emissions are, on average, 11.4 times higher than operational emissions, which equates to approximately 92% of an organization’s total GHG emissions. In fact, the EPA reports that organizations’ supply chains often account for more than 901 percent of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We want every e2log customer to have the opportunity to become a leader in decarbonizing their organization’s supply chains.

Because e2log tracks the end-to-end journey of each and every shipment, it can provide you with a very accurate view of how much carbon emissions your shipments are generating.

We use the GLEC framework and multiple data sources, such as Searoutes, to calculate your end-to-end emissions – including ESG Scope 3 (third-party/indirect) carbon emissions – and help you meet emissions standards and achieve your decarbonization goals.

Can I track my shipments?


e2log allows you to track any kind of cargo, traveling via any mode of transportation, anywhere in the world.

Can I track Supply Cycle time?

Yes, because of our digital twinning capability, we can track orders from as early as your ERP system, enabling full visibility across your entire supply cycle time, not just transportation.

Does e2log have AI/ML technology?

We have artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools running from end-to-end, adding value across your entire supply chain lifecycle. A few examples:

  • Logistics requests can be automated for automatic booking
  • Consolidation opportunities are surfaced by automatically analyzing planned shipments, materials, and routes across your entire organization
  • Our rules engine allows compliance workflows and internal operating procedures to be brought into the platform and automated
Can I track and manage logistics service provider invoices?

Yes – e2log includes a robust digital freight audit solution enabling your team to track your logistics provider invoices and identify incorrect charges.

I already use a freight invoice audit provider. Why do I need e2log?

Stop wasting money on freight invoice audit companies, even if they only charge you a percentage of the invoice errors they find. All transactions for the door-to-door logistics process are executed on our platform which captures every cost at every stage of the shipping process. e2log is therefore uniquely positioned to figitally audit every one of your invoices. We have already saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating incorrect and  duplicate billing.

Can I manage my teams' performance?


e2log captures user-level data – including how efficiently your teams are operating across the entire system, allowing you to continuously optimize your logistics operations over time.

Can I manage the performance of my logistics providers?


Your entire QBR process, in fact, can be driven by e2log, as opposed to off your logistics providers’ data, giving you a dramatically more accurate and transparent position from which to execute decisions.

e2log thus operates as a single source of truth that can provide your team with more comprehensive visibility of logistics provider performance, as well as give you the ability to share aspects of that data directly with your partners.

Can I move project cargo and oversized or out-of-gauge material using e2log?

Yes – the ability to move any kind of cargo is a key strength of e2log.

In order to ensure seamless collaboration for the most challenging shipments, e2log also allows you to upload engineering drawings, lifting instructions, catalogues, and other data geared towards the complexities of advanced logistics.

Can trucks carrying my cargo be tracked?


e2log can connect to existing internal tracking devices and telematics that might be part of your partners’ trucking services, or – for trucking services that don’t have location tracking services – our own ready-made location tracking features can be used by drivers from directly within the e2log mobile app.

What about proof of delivery (POD)?

Yes – e2log simplifies proof of delivery using a QR code based two-part system between deliverer and receiver.


Is e2log easy to use?


We set out to bring a B2C-grade user experience to what has historically been a complicated and unwieldy B2B struggle. As a result, e2log is as intuitive and easy to use as your favorite apps – such as Google Flights or Amazon – despite the tremendous complexity it allows you to orchestrate.

Is there a limit to the number of users who can access the system?


We intentionally do not limit number of users (internal or external) who can access your network via e2log. Democratizing access to data and communications is a crucial way to achieve true end-to-end visibility and power more informed decision-making across your team.

Can the platform be accessed anywhere in the world?


e2log is cloud-based and its full range of features can be used no matter where in the world you – or your logistics providers – are.

Can I use e2log on a mobile phone?


Everything you can do via your browser on the e2log web app, you can also do on your smartphone – from order planning, procurement, and booking to end-to-end communications, tracking, accessing analytics, and even invoicing.

Does e2log provide support?

All e2log customers have access to 24/7 support from the supply chain and logistics experts on our customer success team at no extra cost.

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