Arun has over 25 years of experience in almost every facet of Supply Chain Management and is very passionate about how the Supply Chain function contributes to the bottom line of the organization. Arun has expertise in delivering operational excellence in warehousing, inventory & logistics operations with an exceptional understanding of supply chain dynamics and the drivers for efficient operations.

The highlight Arun’s career has been the time spent in Shell as part of what was at the time the largest global business standardization project. During time he was involved in 15 SAP implementations in various business units and countries, which has given him a very deep appreciation of the role technology plays in impacting day-to-day business operations.

Arun started out as a warehouse operator in Dubai in 1995, with a 3PL company, which he considers as foundational to his expertise in managing Logistics Operations. The next 14 years were spent in Shell in various capacities within the Supply Chain area. As a core member of the Commercial/Operations team of Shell Chemicals, Dubai, he had a first-hand account as to how business decisions are impacted by efficient or in-efficient logistics operations. Progression followed over the ensuing years on international assignments, which again gave him opportunities to further learn & impart knowledge of Supply Chain Operations to many varied stakeholders in Europe & Far East.

In 2012, Arun moved to Canada, and worked as the Logistics Manager for one of the largest Uranium mining companies followed by a stint as the Country Logistics Manager for Weatherford Canada. Prior to joining e2log, Arun was a Director (SCM Operations) for Sherritt International, a major Nickel/Cobalt mining & refining operator.

With the wide variety of industries Arun has had Logistics accountability for, he has a deep appreciation of how the dearth of technological innovation in the Logistics space has led to inefficiencies creeping in and being considered as the norm. It is his desire to see the status quo changed that has led him to join e2log.

Outside of work, he is an avid natural history photographer, and spends every moment of free time available on trips to various jungles of the world, still trying to acquire that perfect wildlife picture.

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