A collaborative, analytical and solution-focused supply chain & logistics professional with more than a decade of experience from Freight Forwarder, Shipper, and a previous customer of e2log.

Steve has a relentless and visionary approach to problem solving, process optimisation and eliminating inefficiencies to improve the bottom line and always provided his teams clear vision, meaningful feedback and the motivation needed to achieve the best results.

From leading the logistics division for Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Mediterranean to global project collaborations, some projects include:

  • Centralisation of Logistics Operations of 40+ Countries into a single process/system
  • Process optimization and automation projects across the whole Supply Chain
  • Relocations and Demobilisations of SSA bases
  • Global process and record centralisation of Temporary Imports
  • Implementation and Training of TMS
  • Data analysis and implementation of Trade Lanes

As an innovator and disruptor, Steve challenges conventional processes and strategies with a keen eye for detail to manage complex situations.

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