Digitalizing spot rates for efficiency and cost savings

Customer Case Study

By unifying an opaque and highly manual process, a leading global electrical equipment manufacturer reduced costs by nearly one-fifth while reducing manpower requirements.

An opaque and time consuming RFQ process was impeding cost reduction and eating up internal resources

The challenge

Our client’s Asia-based transport and logistics desk was overseeing international and domestic transportation for 35 countries, obtaining spot rates from 12 local and regional logistics service providers for every shipment.

This completely manual process involved creating RFQs for every single shipment in Excel and manually sharing them with all LSPs. Once quotes were received, they were being compared manually and shipments were being awarded to the selected lowest bidder via email.

This process was slow and highly inefficient, consuming internal resources. Furthermore, because LSP selection was opaque, no material cost savings were being achieved.

Digitalizing and streamlining the bidding process

The solution

Manual RFQ processes were replaced by e2log’s logistics requests, which allowed cloning to be deployed for repetitive movements on the same trade lane.

Diagrammatic icon that represents friction

Every LSP bid was received via e2log, enabling shipment cost and duration to be contextualized for each bid received. Reverse auctions were used to help further lower prices. 

The workflow tool in e2log ensured that relevant internal approvals were obtained as needed, before awarding shipments to LSPs.

Increased transparency drove real cost savings and efficiency gains

The result

Digitalizing the RFQ process made LSP selection simple and completely transparent:

By making it easy to compare rates, e2log enabled our client to achieve costs savings of over 20%.

Furthermore, by automating repeatable processes and eliminating redundant manual work, manpower requirements were reduced by over 40%.

More real-world results


Outcomes: Electrical Equipment


improvement in LSP service levels

By capturing and visualizing all LSP activity, we helped realize a 46% improvement in logistics service provider performance.

Outcomes: Oil and Gas


control towers

We helped a global leader in oil & gas streamline their logistics ecosystem by bringing 5 regional Control Towers supporting ~90 countries worldwide onto a single orchestration platform.

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