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e2log is the transportation management platform for industrial supply chains. Gain the end-to-end visibility and control you need to simplify moving any type of cargo, anywhere in the world.


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The platform that brings it all together.

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e2log frees your logistics operation from fragmented tools and outdated spreadsheets.

Finally. All information, all in one place. No more spreadsheets.

No more manual systems and processes. Manage logistics from a single platform thanks to smart integrations. From freight booking to tracking and communication, simplify full-order lifecycle management.

screenshot of e2log communication, documents and tracking

The flexibility you need for complex industrial logistics.

Moving oversized, non-standard items means every shipment is unique. Book, ship and track any item, anywhere, via any mode of transport. Split, customize, control and manage shipments, even those already in progress. Breakbulk, part charters and full charters – everything!

screenshot of e2log logistics request and drawing of industrial cargo

Visibility+ across the full order lifecycle.

Just transportation visibility isn’t enough – you need complete order lifecycle visibility. See upcoming order status and disruptions in advance. Track shipments, containers, and items. And access the performance data you need to make the best decisions at every step.

screenshot of e2log orders and tracking

Select the best freight solutions from your private marketplace.

Work with your approved logistics service providers and select the best solutions from one central spot. See costs, modes, timing and milestones in advance so you can optimize every shipment.

screenshot of e2log freight solution

Get disruption alerts and the control to remediate.

With all data connected in one place, get alerted to problems before they occur, with the tools to resolve them from one platform. Move from reactive to proactive.

screenshot of e2log tracking and delayed notification

Gain powerful insights to drive business value.

On-demand data through real-time dashboards can be shared easily across your organization. Accurately track and manage costs, on-time delivery, logistics provider performance, emissions, and more. Drive improvements, efficiency and reduce costs.

screenshots of e2log emissions tracking, freight spend and shipments by mode of transport

Scale usage across complex networks and projects

Incredible flexibility, coupled with an intuitive interface and comprehensive onboarding and support, means you can easily scale usage across complex networks, projects, business units and providers, anywhere in the world to truly centralize and simplify operations.

Logistics tools and solutions for your needs

Whether you’re just starting your logistics transformation journey or looking to take the next step, we’ll partner with you on solutions like freight booking, global transportation management and digital control towers.

screenshot of e2log logistics requests, order information and active shipments

One platform to manage end-to-end industrial logistics

No more emails, spreadsheets and phone calls to manage complex industrial cargo moves. Just the visibility and control you need to move all types of cargo, via all modes of transport, anywhere in the world, using one simple platform.

Plan your operation

See digital twins of your orders the second they are placed, and see inventory the moment it arrives – all integrated into your IMS.

Leverage up-to-date information about orders by expediting orders and line items to ensure the logistics team has all the information needed to execute

Build shipments

Handle everything from simple domestic trucking moves to extremely complex door-to-door shipments crossing multiple boundaries and countries.

Split shipments between multiple parties, enabling you to easily combine origin services handles by one provider with destination activities handles by another. All in one place, all in a single workflow.

Find the right partners

On an individual shipment basis, find the right partners based on price, delivery time, reliability, carbon emissions, and more – all in a private marketplace that allows you to compare your own contract rates with uber-fast spot rate bids.

Track and execute

See where your orders are everywhere in the world, with even your lowest-tech providers empowered to contribute to a complete timeline and video of your cargo as it moves.


Deliver and receive

Execute flawlessly even in the last mile, with built-in two-party proof of delivery and custom QR codes. A simple can lets your receiving party see exactly what’s in the box.

Collaborate freely

Break free of WhatsApp, text, email, and bring the entire end-to-end process all under a single view, available to you and your partners on any laptop or smartphone globally.

Manage invoices and charges

From detention to demurrage – review and approve costs and change orders in one place. e2log even matches costs to invoices automatically to help eliminate duplicate billing and overcharges.

Your accounts payable department – and trusted third-parties – can all audit costs in real-time.

Measure and optimize

Work off of a single universe of always-on data for your logistics operations personnel, executives, and logistics providers.

A consistent measurement of performance gives your ecosystem the ability to surface trends in your history – and react to unexpected events as they occur.

Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

We’re helping some of the most complex supply chain operations free themselves of spreadsheets and gain the visibility and control they need to be even more reliable business partners.

Engineering and Construction

20% reduction in logistics costs through optimal utilization of rate contracts, spot bidding and reverse auctions.

Electrical Manufacturing

46% improvement in logistics provider service levels through better measurement of performance vs. defined metrics

Oil & Gas

5 Regional Control Towers supporting ~90 countries brought onto a single orchestration platform

Heavy Engineering

70% improvement in process efficiency through automation of logistics requests and shipment building


Digital freight audits eliminated manual review and approval of thousands of freight invoices

Chemical Distribution

7% cost reduction through change orders, improving transparency and control over detention, demurrage and other accessorial costs

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