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What is your solution to regain control and create value within your supply chain?

We are all caught in day-to-day operational behaviors we adopted from colleagues or the systems we use to manage our daily work. We all default to old habits or dated standards in times like today, especially when jobs are in limbo and significant budget cuts are being introduced or actioned. Our instincts tell us in these situations to simply fly under the radar of the management and stay low profile.

In times like 2020, we can no longer fly under the radar or keep a low profile. We have to look forward and beyond the limiting factors, step up, and take the risk to implement solutions that will make the difference for us and our company. YOU are the one being approached to make the difference for your direct related work scope -or even better, for an entire function in your company. YOU have the power to make the difference by stepping forward and taking the risk of looking beyond what is to what can be.

Post-COVID, making the difference comes down to two simple factors:

  1. Having visibility/transparency (which requires Data / Information)
  2. Ease of Execution (which relies on simplified experiences and communication networks)
    In our private lives we all enjoy the easy and seamless use of Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc., to name a few brands that create an amazing customer experience. Would you ever consider buying anything from these brands if you had to jump back and forth between separate interfaces to arrange product lookup, purchase, and delivery? If Amazon worked like the Logistics and Transport industries, you’d have to look up your item in different inventory views, select the item, move it to the cart, generate the purchase order, file the invoice, schedule the delivery and then somehow monitor the whole process to make sure everything came out right. Most likely none of us would waste our time with such a cumbersome process in our personal lives – why should we accept and defend the same process in our professional lives?

Would you not want the processes you have as a business to be as simple as those you have as a consumer?

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