Supply Chains: how transparency benefits your business sustainably

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Would you not want the processes you have as a business to be as simple as those you have as a consumer?

Candidly – an informed customer can be very dangerous to the profit of someone selling goods or services. Today, industries are being disrupted by technology that gives customers transparency into the cost and performance of the sellers.

Take car buying for example. The emergence of companies like TrueCar (which show actual prices paid by actual customers) has totally changed how car buying is done. Before, the car buying process was cloaked in confusion and obfuscation in order to mask what actual costs were being paid. Today, a customer is informed about fair prices when they shop for their desired car.

Now let’s look at professional Logistics and Transportation. In these industries, the buying process is still suffering from a lack of transparency. In lieu of true visibility into costs or easy-to-understand contracts, service companies rely on the opaqueness of the buying process to make large profit margins. The pricing of services provided varies incredibly between different businesses for the exact same service!

While we don’t fault service providers for making a profit, we can’t ignore the glaring inefficiencies and unbalanced buyer/seller relationships that occur when the buying process lacks transparency. In the end, a well-informed customer is a happy customer – and more information drives innovation and results from service providers as well. Unless customers demand a change, service providers will keep relying on the lack of transparency, and YOU and your customers are the ones who will continue to pay for it.

Would you and your company like to be on the forefront of making and driving informed decisions thus generating maximum benefit?

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