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Developing new Features for Industrial Logistics Teams

Our team has been busy delivering some great new expediting features that solve problems for industrial logistics and supply chain teams. We are always striving to help you streamline your logistics operation!

Digitalize and Streamline Expediting

The e2log Expediting Module is now Available to all e2log Customers!

We heard from you that you needed a better way to manage expediting orders with your suppliers. So, we worked closely with some key customers to develop a module that empowers expediting and logistics teams to have a structured system to manage the expediting process – saving time, money and stress for everyone – and gaining the critical insight you need, when you need it.

Up-to-date Expediting Information at Your Fingertips

Capture the latest and greatest information from your material suppliers from the point that you place the order, up to the point that it’s ready to ship. With the e2log Expediting Module, you have one place to:

  • Track original and revised promise dates: If promise dates change, Logistics are alerted and can plan or modify transportation to best hit required delivery dates
  • Manage situations where you are going to receive a single line item in multiple shipments: If you need to split delivery of a single line item into multiple deliveries, with various quantities or dates, you can now capture that easily and tie your shipments back to the order and line item quantities
  • Capture packing details of a line item: Track large single line items that split into multiple packages so you know which kind of transportation you need and how it will be received (don’t charter a ship when containers will do!)
  • Notify logistics that material is ready to ship: Ready-to-ship orders and material can be identified in the expediting module so that logistics can have instant access to create logistics requests to ship the material.

Reduce Manual Work and Experience More On-Time, On-Budget Deliveries

Managing expediting in a central, digital location means you can say goodbye to the stress that comes when spreadsheets corrupt, phone calls get missed and emails are lost. The Expediting Module gives your team the power to:

  • Communicate material status in real-time to all parties
  • Avoid delaying projects
  • Prevent unplanned expenses
  • Streamline communication
  • Reduce risk of lost data
  • Have visibility into the actual status of materials, on demand

By using the new module, your team can develop the systematic control and structure to save money on logistics budgets and meet timelines for required delivery and at-site dates – because you have the details you need, when you need them.

We’re so excited to be giving you even more visibility and control to help you be even more successful. Many platforms lack the ability to give you the full end-to-end logistics picture you need, and we’re delighted to be able to connect purchasing with expediting with logistics!

It’s Easy to get Started with Expediting

The Expediting Module is ready to use now. If you want to get started, contact your account manager, who will support you to get up and running quickly.

Not yet a customer but want to see how we could help your team with expediting?

Easy! We’d love to show you how it works. Just contact us to request a quick demo.

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