Unifying shipment tracking across many LSPs

Case Study

By using e2log to unify shipment tracking, a global leader in the engineering, procurement & construction industry improved efficiency and productivity by over 60%, freeing crucial logistics resources to focus on more strategic projects.

Logistics partners’ varying degrees of technical sophistication were contributing to a massive – and heavily manual – workload for the Logistics team

Our customer was using 9 LSPs to manage its logistics operation:

  • 7 LSPs had their own tracking systems with varying degrees of quality
  • 2 LSPs had no tracking system at all, providing tracking updates via email
  • The Logistics team was therefore manually collating data from 7 different LSP portals and uploading tracking data into a spreadsheet.

Given the high-touch nature of this process, shipments could only be tracked by Invoice/Packing List number and not by PO.

Tracking statuses received via email were also manually keyed into this same spreadsheet, which was then circulated via email daily to various stakeholders within the customer’s organization.

Integration and unification of shipment tracking empowered the entire ecosystem

  1. The shipper’s ERP system was integrated with e2log, and PO information was digitally twinned.
  2. Integrated data, combined with e2log’s collaboration tools, enabled all 9 LSPs to operate fully off the e2log platform, eliminating a tremendous amount of manual work.
  3. Shipment tracking became fully unified for the first time, with milestones ingested via an integration with the LSPs – or LSPs using intuitive tracking update features in e2log.

Dramatic efficiency gains freed the Logistics team to focus on strategic projects – and not just solving problems

A single platform for shipment tracking
Within weeks, shipment tracking for all 9 LSPs became available on a single platform, forever ending the manual collation and distribution of daily shipment tracking statuses that mired the team in tactical problem-solving and busywork.

Reliable self-serve shipment and order tracking
Tracking became available at a PO/line-item level for 100% of the orders and internal stakeholders – who often required quick access to shipment and order tracking information – could search the e2log platform on a self-service basis.

Huge efficiency and productivity gains
The efficiency and productivity of the Transport and Logistics desk improved by ~60% over pre-e2log benchmarks, and resources were re-assigned to more strategic and forward-facing exercises.

Learn How You Can Unify Shipment Tracking Today

With the ability to centralize shipment information to gain the insight you need, plus our team of experts ready to help you, unifying shipment tracking has never been easier.

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