2022 EMEA Supply Chain Symposium Wrap Up

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Logistics technology professionals in front of e2log-branded elevators at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium.

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium in London brought together supply chain and logistics leaders from all over the world, to chat about mission-critical challenges and opportunities, and share how technology can drive competitive advantage in international supply chains.

We thoroughly enjoyed connecting with supply chain and logistics leaders from all over the world, chatting about their challenges and opportunities, and sharing how our logistics orchestration platform can help solve and capitalize on those.

Meeting you – the Logistics and Supply Chain Community – was a highlight

It’s clear that people are enjoying the real-life event experience again.

After such a long break, it’s a joy to be engaging face-to-face once more. Between talking and performing short demos of e2log at our booth, having some fun at the networking events, and connecting with analysts – catching up with old faces, and connecting with new ones, was second to none.

e2log CEO Adolph Colaco, e2log CTO Mark Scott, and e2log Director of Marketing Zoe Gaylard at Gartner Supply Chain 2022.

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How Technology Accelerates Logistics Engines That Drive Global Supply Chains: Our Contribution to the Conversation

Our Founder and CEO, Adolph Colaco, teamed up with Wipro Associate Vice President & Global Head, Supply Chain Practice, Sanil Mahajan, to share insights into the life of a logistician, the importance of logistics to overall supply chain success, and how technology is a critical piece of the logistics puzzle.

Key logistics trends for 2023:

  • Logistics is often highly fragmented – Despite being key to overall supply chain success, logisticians are often managing highly complex operations manually, using a fragile array of various tools and point solutions, to manage information and communicate with potentially hundreds of internal and external stakeholders worldwide. This situation is fraught with risk (for logistics and subsequently the entire supply chain) and does not empower logisticians to manage ongoing volatility well.  
  • Technology enables logistics success: It’s time for logistics teams to step up and take advantage of technology. Orchestration platforms (like e2log) streamline international logistics end-to-end, by bringing people and process together in one platform. It is possible to say goodbye to all those spreadsheets, emails, text messages and notes across so many people and channels! 
  • It’s ok to crawl, walk, run: You don’t HAVE to jump into a complex transformation project to start your logistics digitalization journey. There are ways to start slowly and evolve over time, for example, with e2log, you can start with a freight booking engine, and grow into digital control towers
  • Expert help is available: Logistics as a Service is here. Partner with experts and outsource your day-to-day logistics management so you can focus on the more strategic elements. Think of it like a Digital 4PL

A presentation titled "How Technology Accelerates Logistics Engines that Drive Global Supply Chains" at a Gartner industry event.

>> Want to learn more about how technology accelerates logistics engines? Check out episode 7 of Simply Shipped, where Adolph and Sanil continue the discussion.

Overall, it was another wonderful logistics and supply chain event. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth, connected with us, and attended our presentation. Please stay in touch and continue the conversation over on LinkedIn! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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