Simply Shipped: How Technology Accelerates Logistics Engines


Since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, we have constantly been hearing about supply chain shortages and backups causing delays in product deliveries in multiple sectors. Sanil Mahajan, Global Head – Supply Chain Practice, Wipro, and Adolph Colaco, Founder and CEO of e2log, joined Gabrielle Bejarano to discuss how technology can catalyze and improve logistics efficiency to tackle this issue.

“There’s—across industry—issues and challenges where there’s been a domino effect ever since the beginning of 2020. And everyone and every organization in the world today is looking for a solution for their logistics,” explained Mahajan. Logistics is so important, in fact, that Colaco called it the “lifeline of your supply chain.”

The challenge in maintaining this lifeline lies in the influx of information and the dynamic environment. “There’s a lot of opportunity to make mistakes, there’s a lot of opportunity of error,” Mahajan stated.

Colaco elaborated, “A logistician is basically dealing with information on a day-to-day basis.” “They are receiving information and they are getting information.” He added, “They constantly have to deal with evolving circumstances around the supply chain.”

So, how do logisticians deal with this crazy environment? They need the proper tools, information, and ability to intervene. Current management strategies involve email spreadsheets and phone calls, which are often unmeasurable. Instead, organizations need to bring in user-friendly technology to give logisticians the ability to intervene and intercept information.

“It’s very important to also think about technology from a standpoint of the end user, the person who is actually going to be executing the logistics, and what tools do they need to be efficiently managing this complex process?” Colaco said.

Another key point is looking at the life of stakeholders in the journey and where the challenges lie. It is essential to centralize and run logistics as a unit, Colaco emphasized. Logistics orchestration is a complete end-to-end journey from the lens of outsiders where there is interdependency between players.

“This whole ability to be able to do this efficiently, effectively, and in harmony is what logistics is all about,” Colaco concluded.

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