eCommerce company drives LSP performance improvement

Case Study

Using e2log, a D2C e-commerce company drove a 40% improvement in Logistics Service Provider (LSP) performance and was able to replace their lowest-performing LSPs.

Lack of reliable performance analytics made logistics optimization impossible

Our customer, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce company, was using over 10 different LSPs to manage its global logistics operations but had no tools or reliable data to understand and manage their performance.

Consequently, the company’s perception of LSP performance was very subjective. At quarterly business reviews, LSPs presented their own data which always painted a pretty picture, but the company’s operations teams were constantly complaining about the poor quality and inconsistent execution of some logistics services.

Unifying LSPs on a single platform empowered everyone to make data-driven decisions

  • Onboard LSPs to one platform: Nearly a dozen LSPs – representing various degrees of technical capability – were onboarded onto the e2log platform.
  • Centralize LSP activity: From logistics request creation to shipment execution, from change orders to freight auditing: all aspects of LSP activity were unified on e2log.
  • Make data-driven decisions: e2log’s analytics dashboards brought data together from dozens of sources, helping stakeholders visualize LSP performance, resulting in faster, more confident, and more informed decision-making.

Real-time data drove profound LSP performance improvements

With the end-to-end logistics process now managed via e2log, comprehensive data for every action taken – or not taken – by LSPs was captured and visualized on a real-time basis.

LSP performance vs. pre-defined metrics, as well as the data enabling the Logistics team to compare performance across LPSs also led to quarterly business reviews being conducted using e2log dashboards, developed both for the Transport and Logistics desk as well as individually for each logistics service provider.

This focus on real data led to an improvement in LSP performance of ~40% – and some LSPs being replaced due to poor performance or reliability.

Learn How You Can Improve LSP Performance Today

With the ability to centralize managing your LSPs and gain the insight you need, plus our team of experts ready to help you, managing logistics service provider performance has never been easier.

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