Simply Shipped: Logistics Orchestration



A beautiful symphony needs more than skilled musicians to handle instruments and play the right notes. An orchestra is only an orchestra when conducted by the right maestro. Logistics is a lot like an orchestra. It needs a good conductor to bring it all together. Shippers across industry grasping for solutions and methods to put the power of that logistics wand back in their hands need to look no further than to the power of e2log’s cloud-based logistics orchestration platform.

Simply Shipped, host Daniel J. Litwin returned with another introductory episode to talk about the issues shippers face, and the technology e2log brings to the table. John Donnelly III, e2log’s Co-founder & CRO, and Mark Scott, Co-Founder & CTO, joined Litwin, the Voice of B2B, to tackle the logistical challenges shippers contend with and how e2log plans to transform them into intelligent solutions.

The supply chain is a predominant headline issue over the past couple of years, in large part due to the pandemic. Scott said now is a tremendous opportunity to engage with customers and others looking for a better way to tackle the supply chain than previous methods. The technology behind e2log’s platform could be that welcoming a new path.

“It’s been exciting to spend the past three years building the product, trying to stay under the radar a little bit while we evaluated our strategy from a product development perspective,” Scott said. “But really, it’s been about engaging with select customers and beyond to building out the platform to where it was ready to solve big meaningful problems in the supply chain space. I think we’re at that turning point, and this is a little bit of a coming-out party for us where we want to engage with the broader market and bring our solution out to the public.”

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