Unifying Tasks on Single Logistics Platform Dramatically Improves Performance

Case Study

By unifying tasks previously handled across a fragmented and heavily manual set of tools on a single logistics platform, a global company with an annual freight spend of over $60M achieved previously impossible levels of efficiency, transparency, visibility and control.

A vastly complex international logistics operation lacked efficiency, transparency, and control

Our customer had a large international logistics operation with an annual freight spend of over $60M.

This included a complex network of 8 global logistics service providers (LSPs) managing 12 separate hubs in 5 different countries receiving deliveries from thousands of suppliers and shipping goods to the customer’s operations sites across the globe.

A fragmented set of technologies, all operating in silos, were being used to manage operations, including:

  • An enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform
  • Multiple warehouse management systems
  • 8 separate LSP tracking systems

This broken technology stack resulted in a badly fractured logistics operation that lacked efficiency, transparency, visibility, control, and agility.

Integration resulted in a unified view of orders, inventory, and logistics requests across all locations

  • Unified view of orders and inventory: Digital twinning into e2log of order and inventory data from the ERP and multiple warehouse management systems across all 12 hubs began, using simple and easy-to-deploy ingestion techniques, delivering a unified view of orders and inventory across all locations.
  • More efficient logistics requests: Logistics requests started being created via the e2log platform – as opposed to manually – for more efficient and trackable sharing with LSPs.
  • A single view of tracking: All 8 LSP tracking systems were integrated into e2log, eliminating manually syncing and unifying data and collaboration within a single user interface.

Logistics platform unified logistics operations, leading to dramatic improvements

The entire logistics process, from the time orders were issued to suppliers, to the goods being received from these suppliers and eventually being shipped to the operation sites across the globe, was completely orchestrated through a single platform.

Unifying the entire global logistics operation under a single platform delivered unprecedented efficiency, transparency, visibility and control.

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