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In 2022 we created many resources, like blogs, podcasts, videos, and more for the logistics community.

Here is an easy-to-access list of the top 5 you liked best!

1. Logistics Savings Calculator [Tool]

We created this logistics savings calculator to help you estimate how much you could save across multiple spending categories. Simply select your estimated annual freight spend, and the percentage of shipments that are international – and voila – there are your savings!

Try out the calculator

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Logistics savings calculator

2. Orchestrating Global Logistics [Case Study]

A global company with an annual freight spend of over $60M achieved previously impossible levels of efficiency, transparency, visibility, and control by unifying tasks on a single logistics platform. No more spreadsheets!

Find out how

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3. Technology that Improves Logistics Orchestration for EPCs [Video]

We were pleased to host a panel of distinguished logisticians at Breakbulk Europe for a discussion about how Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies can improve their logistics operation with technology.

One of the standout issues discussed at the panel brought attention to whether technology could assist in the overall improvement of how logistics operations work, and what type of technology.

Grab a coffee and enjoy the panel on video.

Breakbulk Europe Logistics Technologies Panel

4. How Technology Accelerates Logistics Engines [Video Podcast]

Sanil Mahajan, Global Head – Supply Chain Practice, Wipro, and Adolph Colaco, Founder and CEO of e2log, sat down to discuss how technology can catalyze and improve logistics efficiency to tackle ongoing supply chain volatility.

Check out the episode to find out what they think about the opportunities, pitfalls, and benefits of adding the right technology.

How Technology Accelerates Logistics Engines

5. Supply Chain Orchestration for Project Owners [Video]

Major projects often have billions of dollars invested, and multiple parties managing them. They are complex, and there is a lot at stake. Even so, project owners often face major challenges due to a lack of visibility, transparency, and control over their project supply chain.

Watch this short video to learn how you can transform project logistics to overcome these challenges.

And that’s the top 5 wrap for 2022! Thanks to the logistics community for your ongoing support, input and feedback.

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